Tia Maria Table Ø45 x H50 cm


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Tia Maria coffee table has tops in MDF with matt powder coat finish.‎ Base is tubular steel with powder coat finish.‎ Carefully studied design starts with the frame, the quality of the supports.‎ Ergonomics dictate the seat position.‎ Two complementary ways to approach comfort: support and envelop.‎ Chairs and armchairs Tia Maria have an upholstered shell which rests on the base; while the chaise lounge and armchair have the covering directly fixed to the frame, a sac which supports and seduces the occupier.‎ The name, taken from the Caribbean liqueur made from coffee and rum, is about double identity, an allusion to a game of opposites.‎ Posture which is both formal and informal, the symmetry and asymmetry of the armrests, the angularity and curvaceousness of the frame.‎ All uses are allowed: waiting, resting, relaxing.‎

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