Become a Reevela Showroom

Reevela transforms hospitality venues such as hotels & restaurant into experiential retail showrooms for interior design lovers. 

Why should you register?

1. Increase ancillary revenue

Earn commission from sales of products assigned and featured at your venue. It is free to partner with Reevela and we lead all onboarding tasks.

2. Exceed guest expectations.

Present your venues design story as part of your brand identity and ensure guests can reveal all they want to know about your interior design at the touch of their fingertips.

3. Support your local community.

Increase the visibility of the local designers and artists you feature and help them improve their sales and brand awareness.

What happens after you sign up?

Step 1.

We identify and map the interior products and features you want to reveal to your guests and visitors.

Step 2.

We create develop a unique venue landing page that can be QR connected or added to your digital guestbook or webpage.

Step 3.

We provide monthly reports on user activity and pay out commissions for any sales linked to your venue.

Ready to start your experiential retail journey?

Contact us to register your venue