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Reevela transforms hospitality venues such as hotels & restaurants into experiential retail showrooms allowing brands and creatives to easier interact with interior design lovers. 

Why should you register?

1. Generate more hot leads.

Provide customers the product information and buying options they need directly at the point of discovery to empower emotional intentions.

2. Expand your physical presence.

Reach more buyers by increasing the physical and contextual placement of your products and brand. Mapping your products to hospitality venues means a showroom is never too far away.

3. Let your customers try before they buy.

Hospitality venues offer beautiful and relaxed interior environments where guests & visitors have time to interact and experience your products in full.

What happens after you sign up?

Step 1.

You provide your product(s) and brand content to upload into our database.

Step 2.

We connect your product(s) and brand to all venues in our database where you feature. Additional venues advised by you are welcomed and gratefully added.

Step 3.

We agree either a marketplace or affiliate sales agreement. In exchange we provide you monthly reports on user analytics, such as most viewed products and where and viewer demographics.

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