Hospitality venues as shoppable design showrooms

Explore beautifully designed hotels, restaurants or co-working spaces, discover what interior design products they feature and buy via Reevela

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We provide point of location product information and direct you with one-click to leading interior design e-commerce sites where you buy at the lowest available price.
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How to use Reevela

three unique scenarios


Staying at Charlottehaven, Copenhagen soon?

In selected venues you can directly access a presentation of spaces and products directly from the venue's own digital guestbook platform or carefully placed QRs.

At home

Search where to experience products nearest to you.

Experiencing in real life before you buy can prevent error purchases, shipping returns, and improve emotional bonds with the products thus extending their use lifetime.

Image Recognition

Want to be a beta tester and a Reevela influencer?

We have developed an image recognition app that allows users to scan and reveal furniture and interior design accessories directly at the point of discovery.

Dive deeper into the exciting worlds of design, hospitality & travel

Read stories about the latest trends, the newest product and venue launches, up coming developments at Reevela and much much more.

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Hotel InteriorsBridging the gap between hotel interiors and home comfort

Bridging the gap between hotel interiors and home comfort

In recent years, the boundary between hospitality and home has blurred, thanks to innovative concepts like Reevela. Reevela empowers the public to engage directly with the interior design and furni...

Hospitality TrendsRevolutionizing guest experience through technology

Revolutionizing guest experience through technology

In an era where technology is not just an add-on but a fundamental cornerstone, the hospitality industry is undergoing a seismic shift. A thought-provoking article by William Graham-Park and Hamish...

Experiential RetailSo what is Experiential Retail?

So what is Experiential Retail?

According to a recent report by Globetrender, Experiential Retail is slated to be one of the top 10 trends in the hospitality industry for 2024.