A richer design experience - making the unknown, known...

At Reevela, we are changing the way hospitality venues use their interiors, how people discover products and how brands & creatives reach their customers.

We have all been there including us..... We stay at a hotel, dine at a restaurant, visit a cultural institution or use a co-working space and are inspired by the design features of the physical environment around us. We become overtaken by our curiosity, and we want answers to relieve us from our need to know, yet there are no labels or people to ask. Reevela gives the answers about design that we want to know, when we need them.

Filling your home with design memories.

A place becomes meaningful only if we connect it to a feeling, an emotion, or an experience. Venues need to engage guests and visitors to interact, explore and take home their memories in the form of interior objects to establish a positive and lasting connection. This is what the future of hospitality branding and interior product marketing is all about.

Guided by allocentric values and an everyone is equal attitude

Founded by celebrating difference, Reevela's mission is to be at all times a socially and environmentally responsible organisation. Our values are; Customer First: Their needs guide us. True Transparency: Openness is key. Design Influence: Beauty meets function. Question & Explore: Challenging norms. Simple Elegance: Be clear.

Inspired by the simplicity of Danish design, we aim for global success.

many parts make a whole

A selection of the start-up accelerators, competitions and media endorsements we have been fortunate to receive