Phantom Pendant Large


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The Phantom Pendant Large was designed by Simon Legald who places great emphasis on credibility and honesty in his designs. Regardless of where you choose to mount it, the lamp is guaranteed to provide an indirect and diffuse light to create a warm and atmospheric atmosphere in your home.

About the design

The lamp consists of a steel frame, wrapped around which is the elastic material resin. Just like a silkworm builds its cocoon, this voluminous lamp is made up of thin layers. The outline of the lamp is clear to see through the elastic material and is mysteriously reminiscent of a classic chandelier. The soft and artistic expression fits seamlessly into the Scandinavian style that focuses on design and minimalism in interior design.

Available in three different sizes, there is a lamp for everyone, whether you want to use it above your dining table or as an impressive, eye-catching feature in a room with high ceilings.

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