France Chair

Walnut | Cat. 4 Vidar 1511

Variant: Walnut | Cat. 4 Vidar 1511

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The France Chair was designed for the American market in 1956 and is recognized by its fine details; the seat and back are lifted from the frame while the armrests have the iconic paper knife detail.

About the design

The France chair was designed by Finn Juhl in 1956. House of Finn Juhl has relaunched the France chair in 2016, which was originally designed for industrial production and has a simpler expression than many of Finn Juhl's other chairs. Nevertheless, the chair's organic shapes and various design features are typical of Finn Juhl's designs. Despite the fact that the design is very simple, it is still clear that every detail has been carefully considered. This applies to everything from the shape of the wood to the way the upholstery embraces the seat and backrest. If you get really close, you will also notice the brass details where the frame and backrest meet.

In the 1950s, Finn Juhl rode an international wave - not least brought forward by the collaboration with the company France & Søn. The English businessman C. W. F. France came to Denmark in 1936 to manage a small mattress factory in Ørholm. In 1954, the company accounted for 60 percent of Denmark's total furniture exports. The France chair was originally intended for the American market, and France's whole idea was that the furniture should be delivered unassembled, so that you would have to assemble it yourself. France's idea became a great success in exporting Danish furniture to the USA.

When you order the chair today, however, it is delivered assembled. The France chair, also known under the name FJ 136, is available in several different types of wood and with either fabric or leather upholstery

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