AAC 25 Chair


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The About A Chair 25, designed by Hee Welling for Hay, is a sophisticated evolution of the well-loved AAC series. This particular model, featuring a set of wheels, is perfect for those in need of mobility, making it an ideal choice for offices or kitchens.‍

About the design

The AAC 25 is characterized by its solid, rounded shell and unified silhouette that adds a commanding presence to any space. Despite its functionally driven design, it carries a warm, welcoming expression that stands out from conventional office chairs. Its sleek form and efficient design, paired with an elegant swivel four-star castor base, makes it a perfect fit for formal or home office settings.The About A Chair AAC 25 effortlessly merges the practicality of a functional office chair with the appeal of a stylish, modern furnishing. It offers a great way to bring personality to your workspace while ensuring comfort and mobility.

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