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Revolutionizing guest experience through technology

Revolutionizing guest experience through technology


In an era where technology is not just an add-on but a fundamental cornerstone, the hospitality industry is undergoing a seismic shift. A thought-provoking article by William Graham-Park and Hamish Kilburn in Hotel Designs explores the technological currents reshaping the landscape of hospitality. At Reevela, we don't just resonate with these insights; we're actively incorporating them into our core mission to revolutionize your guest experience.

The Imperative of ESG Goals

In today's world, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) objectives are not optional; they are essential. Reevela is not just committed to sustainability and inclusivity; we're pioneering it. Our operations are meticulously designed to meet sustainable benchmarks, making us proud partners of initiatives like 1% for The Planet.

The Ascendancy of Wellness and Experiential Travel

Wellness and experiential travel are not just trends; they are the new norm. Reevela goes beyond offering mere accommodation; we curate transformative experiences. Our guests can interact with furniture and interior accessories in a way that enriches their well-being and elevates their travel experience.

The Digital Renaissance and Automation

The article underscores the vital role of digital transformation and automation in streamlining operations and enhancing guest satisfaction. Reevela is not just participating in this digital renaissance; we're leading it. We offer a hybrid shopping experience that marries digital efficiency with the tactile richness of physical interaction.

Hyper-Personalization Through Data Analytics

In the age of information, data-driven personalization is the linchpin of an exceptional guest experience. Leveraging advanced data analytics to decode consumer behavior, enabling in the craft of hyper-personalized experiences that resonate on an individual level.

The Future is Smart Rooms and AI Services

Smart room technology and AI aren't just the future; they are the present. Reevela is proactively integrating these next-gen technologies to create an environment that is not just comfortable but intuitively responsive to our guests' needs.


Reevela is more than committed to staying ahead of the technological curve, We're setting it. Our unwavering focus is on delivering a guest experience that is not just exceptional but groundbreaking, sustainable, and deeply personalized. We invite you to join us on this exhilarating journey as we sculpt the future of hospitality.


Original article: How technology trends are improving guest experience

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