Yuh Wall Lamp


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One of the essential characteristics of the design is the personal aspect, hence the name "Yuh" or you. A lamp that was created to shine just around you. The light is flexible and takes up little space. The lampshade can be rotated, raised and lowered, so that you can illuminate and create atmosphere in exactly the desired area. A minimal shape created from a circle and a line.

About the design

Yuh has a directional, downward and glare-free light. The angle of the screen can be adjusted to optimize the light distribution. The narrow opening at the top of the screen provides atmospheric lighting up the pole.

The lamp is switched on, off and dimmed at the top of the stand. The built-in LED technology provides good light quality and can be infinitely dimmed from 100% to 15%. There is a timer function for automatic switch-off, which can be set to 4 hours or 8 hours. It is possible to set a specific light level when the lamp is switched on.

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