VP9 Flowerpot Portable Table Lamp


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The &tradition VP9 Flowerpot Portable table lamp is a compact and mobile interpretation of the iconic design by Verner Panton. Originating from the revolutionary Danish designs of the 1960s, the Flowerpot series now boasts of seven distinct models, each echoing the genius of Verner Panton's original creations.‍

About the design

This portable variant of the renowned Flowerpot table lamp is designed with a smaller size and an intentionally lightweight construction, making it an easy companion for various indoor and outdoor settings. Equipped with a USB charging cable, the portable VP9 brings forth an inviting, cozy atmosphere wherever it is placed. The VP9 comes in an impressive spectrum of colours for including; Cobalt Blue, Swim Blue, Vermilion Red, Tangy Pink, Dark Plum, and more. These vibrant hues add a modern flair and reflect Panton's playful approach to design.

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