Uchiwa Quilted Chair

Black Stained Oak | Hallingdal 166 / Sierra SI1001


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Experience the merging of classic Japanese aesthetics and modern design with the Uchiwa Quilted Chair from HAY. Conceived by the creative minds of the UK-based Doshi Levien design studio, the Uchiwa Quilted Chair draws inspiration from the traditional Japanese fan, ""Uchiwa"".‍

About the design

This spacious armchair comes with a broad, embracing backrest and a comfortable seat, perfect for relaxation. Double padded in beautiful fabrics like Hallingdal 166 and Sierra SI1001, the chair's upholstery can either provide a harmonious complement or a striking contrast, depending on your preference.While the Uchiwa Quilted Chair is available in a large assortment of well-known and new fabrics, customization options are also available for those who want to design their own unique Uchiwa Chair.Designed with the user's comfort in mind, this chair is as much a functional piece of furniture as it is an artistic statement. It's a testament to Doshi Levien Studio's ability to incorporate international and cultural trends into remarkable craftsmanship, making it a fitting addition to any modern home or office setting.Minor spots can be cleaned with a damp cloth. For stubborn stains, it's recommended to avoid chemicals and opt for professional cleaning instead. Make a bold statement with the Uchiwa Quilted Chair, where comfort meets style in perfect harmony.

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