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Tulou Coffee Table is a reinterpretation of the classic tray table, combining modern aesthetics with functional design. This product is inspired by the concept of casual convenience, imbued with an added touch of elegance. It consists of two separate components: a solid steel round tray and a lightweight tubular frame.

About the design

The tray, equipped with a unique, multi-dimensional design, offers both a pleasing visual element and a practical grip. This allows for easy removal and relocation, whether you're serving drinks or clearing up after a gathering.The table's frame has been designed to be both sturdy and light, ensuring that you can easily reposition the table as needed. Crafted from powder-coated steel, the frame ensures durability while adding a sleek touch to the overall design.With an overall dimension of 35cm in height and a diameter of 62cm, the Tulou Coffee Table has been scaled for compact spaces without compromising on its functional surface area.Available in a diverse range of inspiring colors, this piece allows you to infuse your personal style into any space. Its design flexibility makes the Tulou Coffee Table a perfect fit for the modern home, adaptable to your evolving needs and aesthetic preferences.

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