The Bouquet Chandelier 5



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The Bouquet Chandelier 5 was designed in collaboration with Sinja Svarrer Dankjær. Inspiration for the lovely lamp comes from the world of flowers, and it has the shape of a tulip in the earliest stage of bloom. Paired with LE KLINT’s renowned folding technique, the effortless expression of the tulip results in a lamp with an incredibly elegant look. As a contrast to the sharp folds of the lamp, it is equipped with a braided fabric cable made from hemp to underscore the soft and organic expression.

About the design

The Bouquet fits seamlessly into the Nordic décor that continues to focus on solid, Danish craftsmanship and incorporating natural elements into interior design. A soft. comfortable light shines through the lampshade, illuminating the room in an atmospheric light. The Bouquet collection comprises the simple pendant consisting of a unique flower and the decorative chandelier made up of 3, 5, or 7 lampshades.

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