T01 Cross Chair Tube

Finish: Black Tube / Dunes Black Leather


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Sale price2.995,00 DKK


Cross Chair Tube shares the same lightweight visual language and assembly method with its predecessor, Cross Chair, but is materially distinct. Where Cross Chair features a frame of solid oak, Cross Chair Tube incorporates a frame made of recyclable high-pressure steel with a sturdy black powder coating that adds a graphic and elegant expression.

About the design

Cross Chair Tube has a thoughtful balance of elements that create an intricate but stable experience. It’s form gives the ability to be stacked as well as customised to fit any individual style.
The chair introduces a material contrast to the oak wood of the backrest and seat, and it creates a more slender and lightweight silhouette without sacrificing strength. Furthermore, the use of a metal frame allows multiple chairs to be stacked easily for storage.

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