Strand Pendant Lamp Ø60 cm



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Add a touch of contemporary elegance to any room with the Strand Pendant Lamp. Crafted with a soft, playful form, this unique lamp emanates modern charm and sophistication. Its design facilitates both diffused and direct lighting through its top and bottom openings, casting a gentle, inviting glow in your space.‍

About the design

The Strand Pendant Lamp's most captivating feature is its construction material - a sprayed cocoon composite. This material consists of countless tiny strands, creating a complex and intriguing structure. Paired with the lamp's modern silhouette, this intricate composition imparts an almost cloud-like appearance to the fixture. As the cocoon material filters the light, it produces a warm, comfortable glow that transforms any room into a serene haven.

Imbued with a sense of lightness and tranquillity, the Strand Pendant Lamp is more than just a source of light it introduces a sense of comfort, harmony, and refined sensitivity into your living or workspace.

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