Star 1 Wall Lamp


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The Star 1 Lamp, designed by Jonas Bohlin, epitomizes the confluence of function, innovation, and personality. This modern classic serves as a versatile lighting solution, adeptly designed for mounting on both walls and ceilings to meet diverse interior decoration needs. With a striking aesthetic, Star 1 commands attention even when not in use.‍

About the design

Characterized by its exposed light source and impeccably sleek design, the Star 1 Lamp radiates a warm, intimate glow that enhances any space, whether a private residence or a public setting. Its design philosophy upholds simplicity and innovation, resulting in a piece that transcends trends, embodying timeless appeal.

A variety of finishes are available, including white structure (RAL 9016), black structure (RAL 9005), rough steel, rough copper, nickel-plated brass, and rough brass. This range of choices ensures the Star 1 Lamp seamlessly integrates with any color scheme or design theme.‍

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