Soft Edge 60 Chair


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Introducing the Soft Edge Collection, designed by the renowned duo Iskos-Berlin. This collection has become one of HAY's most iconic chair series, known for its light expression and sophisticated design language.

About the design

The Soft Edge chairs feature a unique design element where the otherwise flat veneer is curved, creating rounded corners that give the illusion of voluminous and three-dimensional forms. This design approach, combined with the Nordic design principles, adds a practical dimension to the chairs, making them stackable and available in a range of variations, from stools to lounge chairs.Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the Soft Edge chairs are made from lacquered oak veneer, ensuring durability and a refined aesthetic. The materials used in the production of these chairs are FSC-certified and EU Eco-labeled, reflecting HAY's commitment to sustainable practices.The Soft Edge 60 Chair features an organically shaped seat and back, seamlessly blending strong curves with extreme lightness. This design optimizes comfort, providing a human-centric seating experience. The wooden seat, back, and base come in a variety of finishes, allowing you to select the perfect option to suit your interior style.The Soft Edge 60 Chair not only offers uncluttered aesthetics but also provides stability and functionality. It is stackable, allowing for easy storage and space-saving solutions. Additionally, the chairs can be linked together, making them suitable for various settings, including private residences, public spaces, and contract environments such as offices and cafes.

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