Soft Edge 45 Chair

Variant: Black/Black Steel


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Dining chair from Hay with legs/frame in chrome-plated, colored or black powder-coated steel. The seat is in moulded 2D oak veneer, in various water-based lacquer colours.

About the design

The 'Soft Edge' collection, designed by the design duo Iskos-Berlin, is characterized by its light expression and sophisticated design language which has helped to make the series one of HAY's most iconic chair series. Completely unique about 'Soft Edge Plastic' are the seats, which are made of molded polypropylene so that the rounded corners create the illusion of a voluminous and three-dimensional design. In the spirit of Nordic design, the chair also achieves a practical dimension with stackable proportions, available in a sea of ​​shades; everything from stools to lounge chairs.

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