Sibast No.3 Table Ø120 | Extendable Tabletop

Finish: Smoked Oak


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Sibast No.3 is a dining table of exceptional quality, based on noble craft traditions and paying tribute to the proud design heritage of the Sibast family. The table is made of solid oak and has a timeless, minimalist style where the focus is on quality, sublime craftsmanship and clean lines. Inspired by the Sibast No.1 side table, designed by Helge Sibast in the late 1950s, Sibast No.3 is a tribute to simple and elegant design.

About the design

The table was originally custom-made for the Michelin-starred Domestic restaurant in Aarhus, but over the years has also become a popular choice in the home. Every element of the table's design has been carefully considered, from the precise rounding of the tabletop to the placement of the legs, which provide optimal space for the chairs around the table and ensure a comfortable dining experience.

Sibast No.3's functional design allows for flexibility and can be scaled using up to two additional tops. The plates naturally extend the table and maintain the same beautiful design, only with space for larger parties.

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