Secto 4201 Pendant Lamp


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This grand yet airy pendant has already become a classic. The Secto 4201 fits surprisingly well in small spaces too because of its lightness. The subtle geometric design is simple but accomplishes a decorative and fascinating light. Designed by architect Seppo Koho, who once again stayed true to his credo that “light should softly invite people to come closer” the Secto 4201 glows stunningly through its birch slats.

About the design

Finnish Secto Design produces their goods from the local trees, and Secto 4201 is no exception. They press-mould birch slats to make the pendant. The skilled craftsmen even make the pendulum by hand. And then there are LED bulbs, which are known to use less power than, for example, halogen bulbs.
Seppo Koho has designed the lamp to be as sustainable as it can be.

The birch slats help to set an atmosphere in the room. But that's not all, they also have a functional reason for being there. They form a screen that covers the bulb. This means that you are not blinded by the bulb. But it also means that the Secto 4201 is able to focus its light and emit a concentrated light.
It is a smart and functional Scandinavian design

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