PK1 Chair

Finish: Steel/Black Flag Line


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The PK1 Chair is the first of a series of furniture designed by famed furniture craftsman Poul Kjaerholm and it perfectly mixes his beliefs of function and clarity of design. He is known as one of the most uncompromising furniture designers of his generation, showing off modern designs with their roots firmly embedded in Scandinavian traditional design culture.

About the design

The PK1 is a perfect example of this, with the materials and craftsmanship clearing indicative of a long rooted culture of production of furniture but with a modern twist. This was created with his unique ability to realise the full potential of materials, as well as his search for authenticity and perfection in form and function.

This complex and weaving design is straightforward, showing off the minimal expressions that Kjaerholm became known for in the design world. 55 metres of flag halyard and wicker were woven by hand to create the seat and backrest, adding to its authenticity and organic nature.

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