P376 KF1 Pendant Lamp



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Introducing the P376 Pendant Lamp, a testament to the extraordinary design philosophy of Jørgen Kastholm and Preben Juhl Fabricius. This iconic piece, originally conceived in 1963, perfectly illustrates their commitment to deriving pure form from function, and their unique approach to architectural design.‍

About the design

The P376 pendant lamp stands out for its subtle and intricate design. Featuring five concentric shades, it gently diffuses light to create a soft, ambient glow. The careful placement of the shades and the lamp's silky aluminium finish collectively create a unified and captivating aesthetic that will enhance any interior space.

Hand spun from aluminium, each shade of the lamp illustrates the meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship that defines Kastholm & Fabricius's work. The lamp is built for indoor use, made of lacquered metal and suspended from a durable fabric cord.

Imbued with a unique architectural charm, the P376 Pendant Lamp by Kastholm & Fabricius is not just a lighting fixture, but a piece of design history that brings a touch of mid-century Danish design to your home.

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