Office Table Lamp


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The Office lamp series from Frandsen meets all the requirements for good work lighting, while setting a homelike tone with its elegant design details.

About the design

Flagging concentration, fatigue, headaches and poor eyesight are just some of the effects of working in bad lighting. Throughout the design process for the Office lamp series, Frandsen Design Studio followed a number of rules of thumb for office lighting to achieve the ideal work lamp, such as;

Spread out the light

Many home offices are lit solely by direct lighting from ceiling lamps. This is not a comfortable light to work in. Instead, you should use indirect lamps to spread out the light. The lamps from Frandsen Retail’s Office series have a lovely asymmetrical lamp shade that softens the light and distributes it over the desk. This means no unnecessary blinding or distracting shadows.

Dedicated for work

When working on a computer, it is important to choose a well-defined light source that is dedicated to what you are doing. The shade on the Office table lamp can be tilted to illuminate your desk right where you need it.

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