Mug 26cl


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Introducing the MUGS series, a captivating collection of mugs, each boasting unique shapes and colors. With the opportunity to mix and match across several models, or select your personal favorite, this series adds a touch of versatility to your everyday drinkware.‍

About the design

One of the distinctive features of the MUGS series is its one-of-a-kind glazing process. Due to this technique, variations in color and appearance are to be expected, creating a unique and appealing charm as no two products are exactly alike.The mug being presented here is of a cylindrical shape, cloaked in a serene blue color. It stands at a height of 9.0 cm with a diameter of 8.0 cm, perfectly sized for a comforting cup of your favorite beverage. Crafted from high-quality stoneware, it holds a substantial volume of 26.0 cl.Enjoy your daily drinks with a touch of artistic flair and individuality with the MUGS series. Remember, the beauty lies in the unique and varied expression of each piece.

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