Model 62 Armchair

Material: Dark Smoked Oak/Black Leather


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Sale price8.950,00 DKK


No 62 was designed by Niels Otto Møller in 1962, hence the name. The timeless design and the good quality have meant that No 62 has gained great recognition and thereby found a place in highly sought-after locations all around; Among other things, at Noma in Copenhagen.

About the design

At J.L. Møller, quality is paramount, and therefore the requirements for the materials are extremely high. The wood is delivered in full size to J. L. Møller's factory in Højbjerg. Here the wood is sorted and cut by J.L. Møller's own employees. This ensures that the second best is sorted out, thus only the best wood is used in production for e.g. Number 62.

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