Miira 6 Circular Chandelier

Brass | Optic


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The Miira 6 Circular Chandelier Brass/Optic is a stylish minimalist lamp. The popular brass interacts with the graceful shape of the lamp in the most beautiful way whilst creating a gorgeous contrast—dynamic yet calm and balanced. A diffuse and comfortable glow shines through the circular lampshade, contributing to a calm, relaxed atmosphere.

About the design

‘Miira’ means lovely and is designed by the award-winning Danish designer Sofie Refer. She draws on nature for inspiration and likes playing around with the mood of the light in its Nordic elegance and function. The timeless design with a touch of modern minimalism is the perfect fit for private and public spaces alike. The lamp won the German Design Award 2019 in the category ’Excellent Product Design – Lighting’. The complete Miira collection includes pendant and chandeliers.

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