Miira 13 Pendant Large

Rock Grey | Opal White


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The Miira 13 Pendant Large is a larger version of the existing Miira lamp with the same minimalist and stylish design. The handblown opal glass has a diameter of 20 cm, but the lamp maintains its simple and elegant expression in spite of its increased size. Paired with the opal white glass, the grey suspension creates a gorgeous contrast—dynamic yet calm and balanced. A diffuse and comfortable glow shines through the circular lampshade and imbues your home with a calm, relaxing atmosphere.

About the design

Miira Large is available as a pendant or a chandelier with 3, 6, or 13 glowing lampshades. In other words, there are plenty of ways to bring this elegant style into your décor. Mount it over your dining or kitchen table or create a cluster to light up the dark corners of your home. Combine Miira Large with the original Miira measuring 14 cm to create a decorative look.

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