Margas LC1 Lounge Chair

Karakorum 001 | Oiled Oak

Variant: Karakorum 001 | Oiled Oak

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The Margas LC1 Lounge Chair, designed by Louise Liljencrantz for &tradition, is an elegant and sophisticated piece of furniture that promises to add warmth and ease to any interior. It's named after Liljencrantz's grandmother, Marga von Dardel.

About the design

Born from the need for a sofa that could hold court in the center of a room, this lounge chair is a testament to Liljencrantz's Scandinavian heritage, showcasing strong lines and warm textures. The Margas LC1 features a solid curved frame covered in luxurious upholstery, available in various finishes like Oiled Oak, Black Lacquered Oak, or Oiled Walnut. The chair is part of a collection that includes different base options and a two-seater sofa.

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