Lino Art Linoleum Flooring


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Lino Art Flooring is a linoleum flooring option designed for commercial use, offering a blend of aesthetic appeal and practical functionality.

About the design

This flooring solution is available in various designs including Urban, Metallic, Star, and Flow, providing a wide range of creative options. It is made of 98% natural materials, including bio-based and mineral components, and 76% of these materials are rapidly renewable. Additionally, up to 40% of the content is recycled. Lino Art Flooring is certified by multiple eco-labels like Blue Angel, M1, Floorscore, and Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver. It features an exclusive Neocare™ surface treatment for superior micro scratch and stain resistance, easy maintenance, and no emissions. The flooring also has hygienic properties, including antibacterial and antiviral activities. The product line includes Lino Art Urban, Lino Art Star, Lino Art Metallic, and Lino Art Flow, each offering unique colors and designs.

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