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The LILLÅSEN Desk is a stylish and compact desk made from bamboo, a durable, renewable, and sustainable material. It is designed to be functional and aesthetically pleasing from all angles, allowing placement in the center of a room.

About the design

Designed by Mikael Axelsson, the LILLÅSEN Desk is a testament to IKEA's commitment to sustainability and smart design. It features three drawers sized for A4 documents, providing convenient storage for papers and small items. The desk's angled legs differentiate it from traditional designs, and its smaller size compared to standard desks makes it a perfect fit for home environments.

The desk's dimensions are 102 cm in length and 49 cm in width, making it ideal for those who primarily use a laptop or require a compact workspace. The design philosophy behind LILLÅSEN was to create a piece that inspires creativity in any area of the home, not just a home office.

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