Kvist 16 Pendant Lamp


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The Kvist 16 Pendant Lamp is a contemporary classic, resulting from a brilliant collaboration between Jonas Bohlin and Örsjö Belysning. Inspired by the simplicity of a birch twig, the Kvist Pendant Lamp fixture embodies Örsjö's commitment to quality and their reputation for distinct Scandinavian design.‍

About the design

Designed by Jonas Bohlin, the Kvist effortlessly marries aesthetics and functionality. The unique silver soldering construction offers a rustic, charming feel, while the option of a variety of finishes, including white structure, black structure, matte brushed brass, rough steel, rough copper, nickel plated brass, and rough brass, allows the Kvist to complement any interior style.The Kvist can be mounted using a hook in the ceiling and is designed with a hook for wrapping the cord. It also offers an option for longer suspension using a wire. The Kvist is available in three models: Kvist 4, Kvist 6, and Kvist 16, with the numbers representing the number of light sources. Each model is easy to install, making the Kvist not only a beautiful addition to your decor, but also a convenient and functional one.

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