Jazzy Cardboard Pendant Lamp

Size: Ø 89 cm - h 35 cm


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Made from cardboard, the Jazzy Pendant lamp practically stands the test time in all environmental situations. Jazzy is an eco-friendly lighting component that engages a modern space with its daring physique.

About the design

Known for its unique experience, Think Paper strives to provide customers with pure premium lighting comfort. The cardboard lighting from Think Paper symbolizes the combination between design and sustainability.

Each product is handmade with craftsmanship, made from sustainable and natural materials. The lamps tell their own unique story and are designed to complement any interior. From warm and atmospheric to architectural and functional lighting. The collection inspires numerous Interior, Office, Project and Hospitality architects at home and abroad.

The entire exclusive Think Paper Collection is proudly designed and manufactured in the Netherlands.

The combination of the special shape with the spiral pattern creates a truly aesthetic model. The Jazzy creates a warm and harmonious atmosphere in any room.

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