Heracleum III Suspended Pendant Lamp

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Introducing the Heracleum III Suspended lamp by Bertjan Pot, where nature's elegance converges with technological innovation. This exquisite LED lamp finds its inspiration in the Heracleum plant, known to grow up to a majestic 5 metres. The lamp's intricate design, with white leaves branching out from a single stem, evokes a vision of natural beauty synthesized with a meticulously engineered structure.‍‍

About the design

"The lamp's distinctive structure is made possible by the Electrosandwich technique, a pioneering invention by Marcel Wanders studio, coating conductive layers that transform the piece into a technical marvel. The Heracleum III Suspended is offered in two sizes - 72cm (28.3"") and 53cm (20.9"") - and four unique colours, ensuring versatility for any interior design scheme.Experience the harmonious blend of nature and technology with the Heracleum III Suspended lamp, and illuminate your living spaces with style and sophistication."

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