HÄG Conventio 9520 Conference Chair


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The HÅG Conventio has been designed with meetings and conferences in mind. Its standout feature is its rocking mechanism, which is unique compared to most other conference chairs. It lets you move more freely whilst being seated, and helps to release energy. Armrests are optional. Can be stacked up to 15 high.

About the design

Time spent in meeting rooms can often represent more of a burden than normal office time, for example. For this reason, all rooms should be filled with meeting room chairs that inspire variation and movement. HÅG Conventio is the chair that is revolutionising seating comfort standards, not only in meetings and conferences but also in places such as canteens, cafés, libraries and homes. HÅG Conventio provides freedom of movement and variation when sitting through long meetings and conferences. As a result, you will feel better! Peter Opsvik and his colleagues have collaborated with HÅG since 1974 and have made a major contribution to the philosophy on which HÅG builds its business.

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