GE1936 Venus Chair


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The GE1936 Venus chair was designed by the renowned Danish furniture architect Hans J. Wegner in 1948. The shell-like design of the chair harks back to Botticelli's painting of Venus, the goddess of love. The voluminous shells that form the seat and backrest give the chair a sculptural character that is a hallmark of many of Wegner's designs.

About the design

The frame is simple in its expression and creates a sharp contrast between the seat and base, precisely to focus on the elegant shells. The chair is constructed in moulded veneer, which was a typical technique in the construction of aircraft during World War II. The use of this technique for the chair's Venus-inspired shells, lends a lightness and elegance that simultaneously make cultural and historical connotations.

The GE1936 Venus Chair is available with seat upholstery in a wide range of selected Getama fabrics and leathers, as well as unique wood treatments and stains.

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