Fun 1 WM Wall Lamp


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The Fun series was originally created by Verner Panton in 1964. The lamp consists of mother-of-pearl discs held together by metal rings, which creates a comfortable and diffuse light distribution.

About the design

The shape is based on a draped design, where the surfaces hang in rows from three chrome-plated rings at the top of the wall lamp. This means that the lamp will create a wind effect when there is a slight gust of wind - for example, if the door is open and some wind is blowing in. It is designed with an innovative design, which gives a dynamic expression to the rest of the interior design. It provides a soft and natural light. The metal rings help to provide a diffuse and pleasant spread of the light.

NB! Note that the lamp does not come assembled. Mount the shells on the metal frame, following the instructions in the box.

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