Fly SC10 Lounge Chair

White Oiled Oak / Light Grey


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Space Copenhagen's Fly series presents a harmonic blend of comfort and sculptural aesthetics, encapsulating the timeless elegance of Nordic design. The lounge chair from this series exhibits superior craftsmanship with its slatted wood backrest, organic shapes, and intricate detailing.

About the design

Unlike many other Scandinavian designs, Fly doesn't dictate any particular posture to the sitter but instead offers a freedom of comfort with its accommodating design.This lounge chair is an epitome of a comforting rest and relaxation piece. Its seat is optimized for maximum comfort, complemented by loose cushions for the backrest that can be organized according to personal preference.The Fly series lounge chair is a versatile and inviting addition to any indoor environment, reflecting a simple yet significant aspect of Scandinavian tradition, where design meets functionality without compromising on comfort.

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