Flakes 2.0 A Chair


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The Flakes 2.0 A chair, designed by SHL Design / Lars Vejen, is a contemporary and ergonomic chair, ideal for prolonged sitting. It's the successor to the original FLAKES chair, offering a simple and timeless design.

About the design

This chair resembles a fiberglass chair in appearance but is made from recyclable polypropylene through injection molding. It's available with or without armrests, and the armrests can be enhanced with leather curtains. The chair's seat height can be adjusted, making it suitable for various applications, including the healthcare sector. The Flakes 2.0 collection also includes a bar stool and a stool. The chair can be upholstered, and there's a wide range of fabric and leather options available from high-class manufacturers like Gabriel, Kvadrat, Svensson, and Sørensen.

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