Elliot 5475 Table 80cm x 80cm

Colour: Anthracite


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With its elegant silhouette and minimal design, Elliot table combines soft lines with sinuous natural forms. Table with four die-cast aluminum legs and four-lobed extruded aluminum column.

About the design

Pedrali's Elliot 5475 table brings opposites together in a stylishly way. The ultra-thin tabletop creates a striking contrast when combined with the thicker leg. Although the Elliot table, designed by Patrick Jouin, looks light and graceful, it is highly durable: the square-shaped tabletop is made of robust aluminium, which is ideal for outdoor use. The strong material ensures that the table can withstand even the harshest weather conditions, making the Elliot 5475 an excellent choice for terraces, gardens, and balconies.

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