EJ 50 3 Seater Sofa


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The EJ50 Sofa 5033, designed by Erik Jørgensen Studio, is a modern classic with a kubistisk design, characterized by its clean lines and high-quality materials.

About the design

This sofa embodies Erik Ole Jørgensen's original design ethos, focusing on material quality, composition, and attention to detail. The EJ50 stands out with its cubic design, where each form and component serves a purpose, eliminating unnecessary details for an aesthetically pleasing look. The seat is designed with straight lines, creating a cubic shape with the back and armrests at the same height, complemented by rectangular cushions. This design not only offers comfort but is ideal for conversational settings. The sofa is upholstered in the finest leather, showcasing Erik Jørgensen's expertise in quality materials and Fredericia Furniture's craftsmanship. The EJ50 is available in a variety of Aniline, Semi-Aniline, and Nubuck leather colors.

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