DIVAN 2 / 700 Pendant Lamp

Finish: Brass


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DIVAN 2 is a truly captivating pendant designed by Simon P. Henningsen in 1962, now updated in solid brass. The carefully positioned trapezoids provide soft and comfortable downlight while enacting a fascinating light display into the room. A sculptural piece of art, still hand-assembled to perfection.

About the design

In 1962, Simon P. Henningsen designed a new pendant for the Divan 2 restaurant in Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen. The restaurant offered spectacular views over the garden lake, and at night, the pendant’s mirrored surfaces were designed to catch the light from the colorful exterior lighting and the lake. When it was time for the famous fireworks, the lights inside the restaurant would dim, and the lamps ascended towards the ceiling to allow guests an unobscured view of the show. The success of the DIVAN 2 went well beyond Copenhagen’s beloved amusement park as LYFA started offering the lamp for the general public. DIVAN 2 was bestowed with several Danish and international design awards. In 1963, it was even exhibited at the Louvre in Paris.

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