Copenhague Bar Stool


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The Copenhague Bar Stool is the uncomplicated extension of the Copenhague Chair design. Here, the seat of the chair has been doubled up and mirrored and fitted with extra long legs. Like the rest of the series, the Copenhague Bar stool is available in natural or stained wood and with or without a padded seat.

About the design

Copenhague is a furniture collection designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Hay invited the Bouroullec brothers to design the furniture for the redesigned University of Copenhagen (KUA). Due to the symmetrical frames the chairs and tables both stack vertically, allowing an almost infinite stacking. The designers wanted to create furniture with greater originality and a more domestic expression than the traditional educational furniture. The Copenhague collection fits for all kinds of public and private use.

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