Cluster Lamp


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Introduce an element of timeless elegance to your space with this captivating lamp by ARTILLERIET. The exquisite design features a collection of hand-blown glass drops delicately attached to a metal frame, creating a truly unique and eye-catching lighting fixture.‍

About the design

Each glass drop has been carefully hand-blown, exemplifying the artistry and attention to detail that characterizes ARTILLERIET's design philosophy. The radiant light, sourced from the heart of the lamp, glistens through the glass drops, creating a mesmerising effect of shimmering light particles that illuminate your room with a soft, ambient glow.Perfectly versatile, this lamp offers you the flexibility to either place it on a surface or suspend it from the ceiling. The mounting equipment for ceiling suspension is not included, providing you with the opportunity to choose the best hardware to complement your decor.

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