CH26 Dining Armchair

Finish: Smoked Oak/Black Paper Cord


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The CH26 dining chair by Hans J. Wegner has been put into production by Carl Hansen & Søn in close collaboration with Hans J. Wegner's Drawing Studio and in accordance with Hans J. Wegner's original working drawing. The chair is part of a series of iconic chairs that Hans J. Wegner designed for Carl Hansen & Søn. Along with the CH22 lounge chair, Hans J. Wegner drew a working drawing for an armchair, which transferred the lounge chair's design to a dining table chair, CH26. However, Hans J. Wegner never produced a model of the armchair, which remained unknown to the outside world for several decades. The CH26 finally saw the light of day in 2016, when Carl Hansen & Søn put the chair into production, at the same time as they reintroduced the CH22.

About the design

An opulent dining chair exhibiting exceptional craftsmanship, the Carl Hansen CH26 Chair s organic design consists of sleek flowing lines and refined edges. Its robust structure and ergonomic design create a resting place ideal for long periods of sitting.

The simplistic form of the hand-woven seat and muted aesthetic creates a piece that can easily adapt to any environment, bringing contemporary comfort, whether around a dining table, in the lounge or at a desk.

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