C1 Sofa Table


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Introducing a harmonious fusion of nature and soft values in an elegant, stylish, and characterful table. Inspired by the work of Russian professor Georgy Voronoi of Saint Petersburg University, this table showcases the fractal patterns found in nature's elements. These patterns are transferred to the design of the table, resulting in an aesthetic that radiates elegance, tranquility, and softness.

About the design

Customizable with combinations of different wood types and laminate colors, this table allows you to make a personal style statement. The juxtaposition of classic craftsmanship with an unconventional shape endows the table with a unique expression.The table is available in oak, walnut, and black stained wood varieties, with the option for a top plate in either solid wood or laminate. An optional shelf can be added to your purchase (call for price). Thin slots have been milled under the shelf, making it easy to place atop the table's cross frame, creating a beautiful detail. Notably, neither screws nor brackets are used for the assembly of the shelf.

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