Bonbon Shade 500 Earth Tones


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Bonbon Shade 500 Earth Tones is an eye-catching lampshade, due to the unconventional choice of materials. The thin yarn consists of nylon, which provides a durable material combined with wool, which gives the lamp the soft rough appearance. In its shape and the beautiful color combination, the lamp refers to the retro style that has found its way into modern interior design.

About the design

This series features a unique design approach by Ana Kras, blending functionality with artistic expression. The Bonbon lamps are characterized by their distinctive hand-woven shades, creating a playful yet elegant aesthetic. Available in several sizes (320, 380, 500), these lamps cater to different spatial needs, from compact table lamps to larger pendant lights. The series includes shades sold separately and complete lamp sets with cord, offering versatility in home decor. The color palette and textures add a modern and cozy ambiance to any interior space.

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