Bonbon Shade 320

Yellow Melange


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Bonbon Shade 320 Yellow Melange is an eye-catching lampshade, due to the unconventional choice of materials. The thin yarn consists of nylon, which provides a durable material combined with wool, which gives the lamp the soft rough appearance. In its shape and the beautiful color combination, the lamp refers to the retro style that has found its way into modern interior design.

About the design

Ana Kraš made the very first Bonbon lamp as a studio project in 2009. 10 years later, the screen became available at HAY, where the large-scale production is still done by hand, to maintain the technique and quality of the original lamps.

The shade can be used as a pendant, table or floor lamp and therefore comes without a socket and cord. You have the option of purchasing a pendant suspension or wiring kit, depending on how you want to use the screen in your interior.

The lamps are beautiful individually, while the different shapes and complimentary colors are easily combined in a decorative group - either as a cluster from the ceiling or as a small island of light on the floor.

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