Bell Wall Lamp


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Introducing the Bell Wall Lamp by Eleanor Home – a masterful blend of industrial charm and timeless elegance. This swan-necked wall lamp, featuring a bell-shaped shade, presents a versatile design suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.‍

About the design

The Bell Wall Lamp boasts an industrial yet timeless design, which beautifully complements both indoor and outdoor environments. This piece is a compact iteration of the original Bell wall lamp and is available in a palette of 10 alluring colours to match any decor style.Designed by Sune Jehrbo for Eleanor Home, the lamp displays the distinct flair for robust and durable design that characterizes all Eleanor Home pieces. As a family-owned enterprise established in 2006, Eleanor Home is driven by the desire to create well-constructed, long-lasting products.Bell wall lamp exhibits a captivating swan-neck arm and a bell-like lampshade. Its timeless charm makes it an ideal addition to any architectural facade, whether modern or classic, enhancing its surroundings with a warm, comforting glow. This lamp is perfect for mounting in courtyards, terraces, hallways, entrances, or as additional lighting in your favorite rooms.Bell is weather-resistant and as suitable for outdoor lighting as it is for indoor settings. Its unique surface treatment provides protection against UV rays and challenging weather conditions, even in coastal areas known for their salt-laden air.

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