Ash Classic Plank Flooring


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Dinesen Ash plank floors embody the essence of Nordic aesthetics and craftsmanship, offering a personal and quality-rich expression. These floors are designed to bring the beauty of nature indoors, with each plank telling its own unique story.

About the design

Dinesen Ash floors are characterized by their strong, beautiful, and honest qualities. The ash wood is known for its visible vein structure, straightness, and strength. This collection is made from trees destined to be cut down, reflecting a commitment to treating nature with respect and translating it into aesthetic experiences for the home. The floors come in various expressions, including natural and classic/natural, with rich structure and color variations. They may contain varying amounts of heartwood and knots, adding a rustic appearance. The collection is suitable for underfloor heating and is available in different dimensions and finishes, including light oil. Dinesen also offers guidance on installation and maintenance to ensure the longevity of the flooring.

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